“Indulge With Confidence!”

If you have a peanut allergy or tree nut allergy,

you’ve come to the right place!


All of our handmade chocolates and candies

are NUT FREE and made in our own facility so we

can guarantee they will be safe!

“Helping Others” section!

When our daughter Kellie was diagnosed with a peanut allergy, finding safe foods was hard enough. It was even more difficult to find chocolate and candies that would allow her to have that special treat. Frustrated with unreliable food labeling and a shrinking list of safe candies, we decided to form

As the parents of a child with a food allergy, we understand how difficult it is for families like ours to indulge without the worry. That’s why our goal is to provide gourmet-quality, handmade chocolates, candies, and treats that are “Kellie Approved” and that everyone concerned about nut allergies can enjoy. Whenever possible, we also try to accommodate those who have other food allergies such as dairy, wheat, and egg.

We hope you will try our products and guarantee that you can once again “Indulge With Confidence”. Your only worry now will be finding a place to hide them!

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